Q. Can I add verbiage to my watercolor painting or pen and ink drawing?

A. I can add any verbiage you want to a painting or drawing. I provide a couple of different styles on my Etsy store for examples. Just let me know at checkout what style and verbiage you would like included. Personally, I don’t think you should go over 3 lines of text, as I think it takes away from the main painting.

Q. What is my turn-around time?

A.  On average, the turnaround time for creating a painting is approximately 3-4 weeks. Does not include mailing time.

Q. What if I have 2 animals or 2 houses I want painted in the same picture?

A. Many people have more than one pet they want to capture in their watercolor painting. Since my charges are based on ONE pet, if you want more than that, I will have to charge for the base amount and size of the painting times the number of pets you want.

Q. Do the watercolor paintings come framed?

A. The price of the watercolors or drawings do NOT include framing. However, if you want them framed, I can provide that service for an additional charge, and the item will be pick-up only, not shipped. At the current time, I do not have the supplies to ship a glass item.

Q. Does the painting have to be shipped, or can it be picked up?

A. Yes, we offer local pickup. Just let me know.

Q. Do you paint custom orders besides what is offered on your Etsy shop?

A. Yes, just email or message me with your request.

Q. Are the paintings digital or hand painted?

All of the paintings are made using watercolor paints on heavyweight, cold pressed paper.

Q. If I order multiple paintings or drawings, do I get a discount?

A. At this time, we do NOT offer discounts on multiple orders.